Siemens 80 series compact station

  • Housing 8SH6275 size 1 with one line e.g. installation of a circuit breaker 3WE
  • Housing 8SH6276 size 2 with two lines e.g. installation of 1 x transformer 8KVA + circuit breaker 3WE or 2 to 4 contactor outputs or a combination of both
  • Housing 8SH6277 size 3 with three lines e.g. installation of circuit breaker with 4 contactor outputs. Lighting output 8KVA with 4 contactor outputs or 6 contactor outputs or combinations of all 3

For housings 8SH6275, 8SH6276 and 8SH6277 with assemblies 8SK8152 - 8SK8262 - 8SK8372 - 8SK8462 - 8SK8552, we can offer almost all mechanical and electrical components and parts such as:

  • Circuit breakers
  • Transmission piece terminals
  • Contactor time relays
  • Earth leakage locks
  • PTC thermistor triggers
  • Overvoltage / short-circuit triggers
  • Coupling inductors
  • Isolating transformers
  • Measuring transformers
  • Display instruments
  • Central locking
  • Viewing window

used, reconditioned with a 1-year warranty.